About Me

While most 8 year olds in 1995 were watching cartoons, I was fixated on MTV's music videos. At this time, I discovered that clothes were more than my older sister's hand-me-downs but would soon be my favorite form of self expression. Wearing plaid pants, a belly shirt with her name encrusted in gems across her chest, and bright red lipstick, Gwen Stefani's clothes made a bold statement and her individuality spoke even louder and I knew instantly I wanted to do the same.

Over the past 10 years I've been fortunate enough to live in and travel to some of fashion's most iconic cities. From Milan to Manhattan the fashionable men and women strutting the streets of these fabulous cities and owning their look was my inspiration for lovemyoutfit.com

I hope you too can admire the outfits and the people behind them taking full advantage of what fashion has to offer and making it their own. If you love your look snap a picture and send it over because a great outfit should never go to waste!